It is you who’ve seen through the religious facade of the generations before you and it is you who will walk and lead others to a more authentic faith with Him.

Don’t let your frustration and anger with the facade derail you from the destiny he is walking you to.

While they point their fingers at your deconstruction, you see the others pointing back at them.
The plank and the speck.
The hypocrisy.
The hard-no you feel in your body.

I believe God has given so many in our generation have the gift of sight; just don’t let your frustration around what you see become your own blind spot to who He is.

He is shaking up the religious facade, the perfectionism, the toxic conditioning through you.

Let it be the catalyst to become the transformational generation we were born to be, creating ripples of impact with and through and for Him.

He is calling you closer and deeper, out of the false teaching and into His army of light.

He is waiting with open arms.

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