Where was God when my ex was punching walls?
Where was God when nobody believed me?
Where was God when I was in so much pain I could barely function?

After many agonising years of wrestle.. years ago it finally landed in my heart that He had never left me. That he had been right by my side the whole way through.

It wasn’t easy. In fact it had been absolutely agonising for me to swallow..

Because if God was real and He didn’t abandon me.. then wasn’t he a neglectful father who allowed bad thing to happen to me? Why would a loving God do that?

And I’m sure if you’ve been through any amount of poop in life you’ll know that feeling..

Maybe even growing up learning that God is big and strong and will come through for me

He can do anything
>> Except for me? He didn’t.

He allowed the pain, the fear, the suffering
He allowed the CPTSD, the panic attacks, the punched walls..
It was incredibly painful. 

And what did it mean about me?

Like maybe there was something wrong with ME that he didn’t want to come through?
Maybe I had done something wrong and failed to be the perfect Good Christian Girl?
Maybe I had missed something, something big?

So much emotional and spiritual torment trying to wrestle with who I was taught God was and who I had experienced him to be.

And I felt so incredibly alone in it until I found the right guidance.

But it was so hard to even articulate in my own head; let alone verbalise to anyone else.

The truth was that I needed a perspective shift; because the lenses that I had viewed life, God.. even myself through had been a dodgy pair of hand-me-down glasses given to me from distorted religious teachings and unhealthy religious and familial environments.

I needed balance, I needed nuance, I needed a perspective shift… a purge and reset of all I had absorbed.

If you can relate to any of this; this is your invitation to step out of the spiritual desert; the emotional and spiritual waves and into a space of peace and calm

Where you’re handed a roadmap and shown exactly where to start to begin navigating to a more peaceful and calm space.

Reset Your Faith is a 3-part mini course with the first steps to reclaim a safe and soul-nourishing relationship with God after distance, disconnection, faith crisis or complex faith history. (without being controlled or losing yourself again)

And.. how to see God, you and life more clearly than you ever have before, trust me- it is so damn liberating. 

It is only $27, however if you are experiencing financial hardship where this isn’t possible please PM me.

LS x

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