LET'S talk about Who you were born to be.

For over a decade now – 14 years in fact – I have been listening to the stories of women in business and leadership.

Hearing tales of their incredible achievements.
Observing their patterns, their ceilings and their potential.
Analysing the common threads I see.

Many of which include – 

A religious up bringing – mostly Christian 

A challenging, unhealthy or toxic family environment (this doesn’t have to be abusive to create ceilings)

A perfectionistic facade – a certain image that needed to be projected out to the world 


And a smart, empathetic little girl who saw through it all.
Stories just like mine.
I lived my life on autopilot for almost 3 decades.
And the worst part – I had no idea.
I lived from unconscious patterns, beliefs and defence mechanisms imprinted in me from family, community, the church and culture.
These severely limited my relationship with myself, others, God himself and my potential in this world. 
Then when I separated from my now ex-husband, I had my Great Awakening.
Over the next decade I would uncover some of the most destructive forces playing out in my life.
Forces I had no conscious knowledge of, though I was continually experiencing the impacts of. 
Evil forces.
Dark forces.
Forces with generational impact. 
Deep down I knew there was more for me. SO MUCH MORE. 
And it was in the Great Awakening and subsequent searching, wrestling and uncovering the threads that I began to finally make sense of it all. 
Over the last 4 years, I have been bringing those threads together, or should I say – God has been bringing them together in me.
Masterfully weaving the threads together to create a masterpiece, one which I know is a complete impossibility from my own hands.
What I uncovered is this:
I unlock my highest potential when I become who I was born to be, not who I was made to be.
Who I was BORN to be was intentionally designed, individual, magical, sparkly, amazing Leah.. out there, shining bright and making a positive impact in the world.
Who I was MADE to be was the Good Christian Girl Leah. Conditioned by external forces including religion and family to stay in line, keep up appearances, serve and always put others before herself, even to the point of complete burnout, domestic violence and auto immune disease.
Maybe you can relate?
It was only in releasing who I was CONDITIONED to be – the Good Christian Girl – that I could become who I was born to be – the Unleashed CEO and Unshakeable Queen who is living a ruthlessly authentic life of impact.
Powerfully using her voice.
Showing up in her full vibrance.
And anchoring deeply into her God-ordained value.
To guide other women through the journey to become their most authentic and impactful selves.
And together we start a revolution of LIBERATION from darkness, from silence and from injustice..
Freeing others and creating ripples of influence across the globe.
That is what I’m here for.
So, my friend 
You’re here for a reason.
I believe it’s no mistake that you are here, now, reading this.
No matter what brought you into my sphere of influence.
No matter how “too much” you feel at times.
No matter if you’ve been told your whole life that being a successful, strong, outspoken woman is wrong.
No matter where you’re at with God himself..
You might feel distant, disconnected or hurt. I have been there. 
If you are ready to become an Unleashed and Unshakeable Queen –
Becoming the woman you were born to be
Making the ripples of impact you were born for 
And maybe, if you want to (it’s always completely up to you – see below) explore or strengthen your connection to God..
I’m here for you, holding space for you and providing you with unique perspectives so that you can BECOME.
If this feels like a fit, it would be an absolute honour to guide you on your journey to becoming the most impactful queen you were born to be.
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Spiritually Unboxed Podcast Cover

In this episode I unveil my untold story of over a decade – through domestic violence, childhood trauma, religious abuse, auto-immune disease, divorce, smear campaigns, leaving religion, eradicating religious mindsets, deconstructing her faith, unexpectedly meeting Jesus in the most bizarre Narnia kind of way, overcoming challenges and so much more.

This episode is packed full of love and a real, raw, authentic conversation around what it is to leave and decondition from religious Christianity to discover a more peaceful, nourishing, connected and purposeful path.


Where You Are Is Not Who You Are

**GASP** You’ve made mistakes!? Oh my gosh you’ve even FAILED!? Lady – so have I! This makes you beautifully human, just like me. In sessions we always focus on who you REALLY are – underneath the humanness – where you’re going and how to get you there faster. I do not allow clients to beat themselves up in my world.

Embracing Radical

Radical Ownership says that only I am responsible for moving myself, my life and my business to a place of success – no matter what. Radical Ownership refuses to blame, complain and stay victim to external forces and circumstances. It picks up the pieces and asks “Even with these pieces, how do I BECOME?”

Loving &

I do not skirt around issues, trying to be “nice”, trying not to offend my clients – it wastes precious time. My clients achieve incredible results and are out in the world making significant impact because I deliver truth. And PS? It is always, always, always delivered with love.


We only go where you are ready and willing to go. Just know there is ZERO force or pressure from me. There may be one statement of encouragement and reason given – if the answer is no, we move on. That being said, the results are always up to you. (See Radical Ownership)

You Are The Queen

I never allow you to abdicate your Queenship to me. I am not your mother. It’s up to you to step into your jungle and follow me. The transformation of your kingdom is completely up to you. Nobody can do this work for you. This is your life, I am simply a guide. (See Radical Ownership)

Trauma-Informed, Yet Anti-Fragile

I use transformational techniques that are powerful for those with past trauma. I brought them together through my own journey. However – this is a victim-free zone. You are not fragile and I will not treat you as if are. What you’ve been through only defines you if you let it, sunshine!



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Not at all. While my work focuses more on ceilings created by religious Christianity, I have worked with clients from many different religious, atheistic, Catholic, Christian backgrounds, and also those who don’t identify as anything at all.

You are welcome here!

You will never be pushed, full stop.

Your boundaries are always respected and we never explore things that you are not ready for – no matter the topic. That being said, growth is discomfort, so I cannot promise comfort!

If and when you are ready to go into deeper spiritual work, I am here. But not a moment sooner. This is Permissions-Based Mentoring.

I know it’s TOTALLY WILD concept these days, but I am fine with you disagreeing with me, and us holding different opinions about.. anything! In fact, if you didn’t – I would think it weird.

We are all individuals with different thoughts, beliefs, opinions, experiences and perspectives; this is never something that excludes you from my world.

No. I share my story when called to, and help you explore what connection to God looks like for you if & when you are ready. 

That being said, my clients pay to hear my perspective, so in my programs I share it. It is never forced on you as something that you have to believe too. 

Everything is an exploration.

I will judge you as much as I want to be judged!

There is honestly very little you could share with me that I either haven’t thought, felt or done before, or heard a client say before.

You are a human, perfectly imperfect, just like me. The standard of perfection is impossible.

Not at the moment. However I do private coaching with couples when aligned. (Contact me)

In the future I see a suite of incredible programs in collaboration with a masculine coach/mentor as I have much to say on the subject (as always!)

Yes. I am Certified Trauma-Informed. I describe it as “Trauma-Informed, Yet Anti-Fragile”

I use transformational techniques that are powerful for those with past trauma. I brought them together through my own journey. However – this is a victim-free zone.

You are not fragile and I will not treat you as if are. What you’ve been through only defines you if you let it, sunshine!

I am not religious.

It’s a LONG story – you can listen here – but for years I was a religious Christian. I was hypocritical, judgemental, selfish and full of pride. I thought I was holy because I kept all the “rules”, read the Bible every day and went to church weekly.

I then hated God when my life didn’t go to plan. And had a crazy spiritual experience that changed all of that! That was about 10 years ago!

I now follow and surrender to Jesus as my King and have a personal relationship with Him through grace alone, and believe that while we have not even touched on the capacity of human potential, that there is a God outside of us who created humans + all things that is all-powerful, that loves us immeasurably.