Yes, I’m Certified. Though I describe it as “Trauma-Informed, Yet Anti-Fragile

I use transformational techniques that are powerful for those with past trauma. I brought them together through my own journey. However – this is a victim-free zone.

You are not fragile and I will not treat you as if are. What you’ve been through only defines you if you let it, sunshine!

No. Often times my clients aren’t even aware of my personal beliefs! 

I share my story when called to, and help you explore what connection to God looks like for you if & when you are ready. 

That being said, my clients pay to hear my perspective, so in my programs I share it. It is never forced on you as something that you have to believe too. 

Everything is an exploration.

No. Just because I disagree, doesn’t mean I am anti-church. Click here to read my Dear Church letter for more clarity on this.

Not at all. While my work focuses more on ceilings created by religious Christianity, I have worked with clients from many different religious, atheistic, Catholic, Christian backgrounds, and also those who don’t identify as anything at all.

You are welcome here!


Your boundaries are always respected and we never explore things that you are not ready for – no matter the topic. That being said, growth is discomfort, so I cannot promise comfort!

If and when you are ready to go into deeper spiritual work, I am here. But not a moment sooner. This is Permissions-Based Mentoring and if you desire to only work on business and self-development right now, that’s okay with me.

LOL I will judge you as much as I want to be judged!

There is honestly very little you could share with me that I either haven’t thought, felt or done before, or heard a client say before.

You are a human, perfectly imperfect, just like me. The standard of perfection is impossible.

I am not religious.

It’s a LONG story (adding to website soon), but for years I was a religious Christian. I was hypocritical, judgemental, selfish and full of pride. I thought I was holy because I kept all the “rules”, read the Bible every day and went to church weekly.

I then hated God when my life didn’t go to plan. And had a crazy spiritual experience that changed all of that! That was about 10 years ago!

I now follow and surrender to Jesus as my King and have a personal relationship with Him through grace alone, and believe that while we have not even touched on the capacity of human potential, that there is a God outside of us who created humans + all things that is all-powerful, that loves us immeasurably.

The techniques I use are a potent combination of a few different psychology-based talk-therapies. These powerfully shift beliefs and out-dated programming (in your subconscious) so that you can live life from your chosen beliefs and not life’s  conditioning.

No hypnosis or NLP.

I have been coaching, consulting, advising and mentoring highly driven leaders in my business for 13+ years.

Short answer – no. However I do private coaching with couples when needed and offer one day Voxer support for those wanting quick shifts. (Contact me)

In the future I see a suite of incredible programs in collaboration with a masculine coach/mentor as I have much to say on the subject (as always!)

I know it’s TOTALLY WILD concept these days, but I am fine with you disagreeing with me, and us holding different opinions about.. anything! In fact, if you didn’t – I would think it weird.

We are all individuals with different thoughts, beliefs, opinions, experiences and perspectives; this is never something that excludes you from my world.