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Voxer PARTY Instructions

Squeal! Firstly – WELCOME to this fun space!!!!

I’m so excited for the transformation that you are about to go through (and personally excited to connect with you!). 

Voxer always feels like a party to me.. so let’s crack open the champas, hand me some fairy bread and let’s go!

This space is for those who are after quicker, punchier coaching. I want to MAXIMISE our time together, so have written a few ways you can do that below.

  1. Get really clear before you begin on your intentions and questions – who do you want to be when you walk away from this space? What do you desire from me? 
  2. See HOW I work below. This is a shame-free zone.
  3. Keep your questions short and specific – if I need more details I will ask.
  4. Keep your replies short and specific – max 4 mins so we can achieve more! (I can listen to you waffle, or I can spend that time giving you advice.. up to you!) 😉
  5. For those who have purchased 1 day Voxer, the 24 hour “timer” starts when you send your first question.
  6. You have 24 hours – however there is a thing called sleep. I am in Brisbane, Australia time zone (AEST). The iPhone app “Time Buddy” is useful for comparing time zones. 
  7. The perfect way to prepare for our day together is to fill in this form – it will help you gather your thoughts, and will give me some info to prep and maximise our time!

Please be aware that Voxer has its own plans/what’s included in the free plan. From memory on the free plan you don’t have access to the messages forever. I have added a FB Messenger option below because of this. 

Note: There is no platform switching once you have sent the first message.

Click HERE to join me on Voxer and get started.

Click HERE to join me on Messenger to get started.

If you need clarity on any of the above, just ask! 

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Where You Are Is Not Who You Are

**GASP** You’ve made mistakes!? Oh my gosh you’ve even FAILED!? Lady – so have I! This makes you beautifully human, just like me. In sessions we always focus on who you REALLY are – underneath the humanness – where you’re going and how to get you there faster. I do not allow clients to beat themselves up in my world.

Embracing Radical

Radical Ownership says that only I am responsible for moving myself, my life and my business to a place of success – no matter what. Radical Ownership refuses to blame, complain and stay victim to external forces and circumstances. It picks up the pieces and asks “Even with these pieces, how do I BECOME?”

Loving &

I do not skirt around issues, trying to be “nice”, trying not to offend my clients – it wastes precious time. My clients achieve incredible results and are out in the world making significant impact because I deliver truth. And PS? It is always, always, always delivered with love.


We only go where you are ready and willing to go. Just know there is ZERO force or pressure from me. There may be one statement of encouragement and reason given – if the answer is no, we move on. That being said, the results are always up to you. (See Radical Ownership)

You Are The Queen

I never allow you to abdicate your Queenship to me. I am not your mother. It’s up to you to step into your jungle and follow me. The transformation of your kingdom is completely up to you. Nobody can do this work for you. This is your life, I am simply a guide. (See Radical Ownership)

Trauma-Informed, Yet Anti-Fragile

I use transformational techniques that are powerful for those with past trauma. I brought them together through my own journey. However – this is a victim-free zone. You are not fragile and I will not treat you as if are. What you’ve been through only defines you if you let it, sunshine!