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Spiritually Unboxed Podcast with Leah Samara: Guiding driven females to overcome religious barriers in leadership

You're Officially Invited..

I am beyond honoured that you would join me to share your journey, your story and heart on the Spiritually Unboxed podcast!

I only reach out to those that I feel incredibly aligned with, and excited to genuinely connect with.. so here you are!

My interviews have a more conversational style – the kind we would experience if it were just you and I sitting in my living room having real, unfiltered conversations about life, leadership, journey, aspirations and purpose.

The aim of our conversation will be to authentically share your journey so that listeners can gain insights into navigating life’s complexities and challenges. 

To listen to previous episodes of my podcast click here (I recorded the first season as the Best You Yet podcast, then rebranded to be more aligned).

1. Click here to schedule an interview time in the calendar.

2. Complete the short form below (if you don’t have time now, we will send you a link).

3. I will be in touch with several ideas for unique angles/title for your approval.

4. I’ll formulate a series of questions to use as a guide.

5. Before recording – I know how challenging it can be to share your journey when it’s intertwined with that of others. We will discuss topics you feel safe and unsafe addressing, ensuring you feel confident while sharing. 

The interview will be on-video, as long as you are comfortable with that.

I’m excited to connect with you, to hear your heart and to produce magic with you that serves the world in a positive way!

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