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You were born to stand out, to be undiluted & make a real difference.

It’s time. Do it for her

UNLEASH YOUR UNDILUTED SELF, VOICE & MESSAGe & Attract the next level income & impact you're designed for


Are you a driven female leader with religious background – who may or may not still be involved in religion – who softens yourself, your voice and your message.. and are blending in with the crowd? Or maybe you catch yourself doing the opposite – being louder, more forceful or aggressive.. but this is not who you are and just leaves you exhausted and feeling unheard and unseen in all your soulful depth? There is an easier way!

You KNOW you are a bright ball of magic that needs to be unleashed further! It’s time to stop dimming your light and start living up to your fierce God-ordained potential!

Welcome to The Undiluted Intensive – where we will turn up your potency so you can make infinite income, while making an undeniable impact in the world. Claim your free pass now!

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Undiluted is and intensive, transformational experience designed exclusively for high-capacity, driven and influential female leaders like you. Whether you still rock your Sunday best or have taken a different path – there is absolutely NO judgement here – our time together can be the catalyst to your potency and potential! (if you choose)

[Female leaders from religious backgrounds face unique ceilings to unleashing their potent voice and potential, and I will walk you through some of these in the intensive!]

In this mind-blowing intensive I will cover how to: 

  1. Unlock your wildest dreams, fast and create a fulfilling and aligned life while naturally magnetising incredible clients, relationships and collaborations!
  2. Take a stand for the things that matter most and leave a lasting legacy of positive impact by establishing yourself as a confident authority. 
  3. Hold the energy of the magic that you are, without softening or pretzelling yourself, your voice or your message (and then kicking yourself later).
  4. Return to your Energizer Bunny self, eradicating feelings of burnout! Discover how interconnected your authentic self is with your energy levels how breakthrough magically opens doors to increased income and greater influence!
  5. Stand in your unique sparkle & make fast, bold decisions in alignment with what you’re really capable of (without becoming someone you’re not)
  6. Be heard and valued, transforming the relationships you allow in you sacred sphere and open up access to higher level clients and collaborations and income.

Challenge the norms, shake up the church, revolutionize culture, and leave a potent legacy of positive change and contribution..

You absolutely are not in this alone, and do not have to do this alone.. come join us!

Claim Your Free Intensive Pass Today!

Your free Undiluted Experience Pass access includes: live access on the 31st May, a replay of the experience emailed to you and an electrifying experience packed with inspiration, game-changing strategies, and fierce empowerment!




Tap into the undiluted potency pulsing through your veins &
USE YOUR VOICE TO Change church, culture, humans & history 10x faster*.


Leah Samara

Hi! I’m a High Performance Strategist & Spiritual Mentor of 13 years working with highly driven leaders, experts and CEO’s to be unapologetic in their highest potency and potential, using their voices to change church, culture, humans and history. 

She uses a mix of custom hybrid strategies including: psychology, physiology, radical ownership, personal sovereignty, brand strategy and Holy Spirit direction to guide her clients to unleash the potent leader they were born to be.

Event details will be emailed to you, claim your spot below:

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* 10x faster – as declared by one happy highly-driven client.