Good Christian Girl Detangler

How Taming Your Inner Good Christian Girl is the fastest way to your most authentic, influential & wildly impactful life.

(without becoming someone you're not)
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Understand her complex psychology so you can unapologetically shine bright no matter what others may think, say or do, whether you currently identify as “Christian” or not.

Leah Samara
Good Christian Girl Detangler Guidebook

I'm Leah Samara

I grew up in conservative religious Christianity and it wasn’t until a divorce in my 20’s (among sooo many other things!) that I became aware of what and who was really driving my life’s decisions.. and it wasn’t the real me

I had absolutely no idea just how heavily my whole identity had been influenced by distorted teachings and beliefs I had absorbed, like that I had to be nice to everyone, all the time (this landed me in some dangerous situations), or I should give up all of me to serve others (even if it burned me out). Or even that women shouldn’t have a voice or be leaders.

It can feel like a minefield to navigate – where do you even begin with such deeply-embedded distorted thinking permeating every facet of life and relationship with self, others, partners, God and your potential while becoming more of yourself – not someone else? The answer is the Good Christian Girl Detangler Guidebook.

This is for you whether you identify as Christian now, or not.. or maybe you never did!

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Good Christian Girl Detangler