Even if you lost EVERYTHING. Wealth. Relationships. Health. With God you would still be okay. Still be loved. Still be worthy. ✨

At different points in my life I HAVE lost everything. I know what rock bottom feels like in wealth; relationships and health. The three biggest spheres of our lives apart from our spirituality.

And I can tell you this: even there.. I was okay. Even there, I was valuable. Even there I was loved. Even there, I was held.

As high achievers we are so driven to reach all our goals in all 3 spheres as if when we FINALLY get to that end point we will feel enough, finally feel fulfilled, finally BECOME all that we were born to be.

This is why as high achievers we end up in burnout, with high anxiety, panic attacks and poor relationships because we are terrified of either A) not reaching our full potential or B) reaching it and then losing it all.

When you chase goals with God you are no longer filling a NEED because HE already fulfils that need in you.

You are not running away FROM you are running TOWARDS, like truly running towards, not just telling yourself you are.

This is why I say so much, He is not the KEY to access wealth – He IS the wealth.. and until you “get” this, I mean really truly get it.. you will be forever CHASING, always burning out, never feeling truly satisfied. 

And YES there are so many layers of complexity to this, just to name a few –

A/ some of us are chasing the approval of others because we didn’t receive it when we were younger (or any other unmet childhood need). There is so much to be said for processing our stories and disconnecting ourselves from past abuse, neglect, patterns and stories that allows us to be FREE to live the authentic lives we are born for.

B/ some of us have had incredibly complex and challenging religious backgrounds that make the whole “God” topic a hot topic. And yes.. you can live forever running away from that, bandaiding over it, avoiding everything so you aren’t triggered (avoidance is not a strategy for triggers, nor is it nervous system regulation).. or you can take a stand and face it and open yourself to the idea that maybe this is the connection you were born for.. maybe there’s a perspective shift that needs to happen.. maybe there’s something you’ve missed.

But to make sense of the past, to make progress and move forward we must take ownership for the complexity of our lives – even if we are not the creators of that complexity, we are the creators of our own lives.

What are the areas that you need to take ownership of today?

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