You’re not a “people pleaser” you’re a woman who has been conditioned to meet your core needs through others. There is no shame in this.

The People Pleaser label is so unhelpful, and it’s not WHO you are.

Nothing outside of God defines your identity or worth.

There is no shame in it, and it is more common than you might think. But to stay there, meeting your needs in this way does not serve you or others.

When we have been conditioned to seek others (or fawn to others) as a subconscious way of meeting our needs we may find ourselves –

🤍 Desiring to, but shying away from that next level of career, influence or business

🤍 Speaking about “safe” topics when you really desire to voice your opinions and be the authority

🤍 Blending in with your competitors because you’re focused on being nice rather than a leader.

🤍 Hitting upper limits in your business where you might not be able to put a finger on WHY exactly, but you have recurring feelings of guilt, greed, selfishness or “too muchness”

When you KNOW that this – this “people pleaser” identity – is not who you are..

You KNOW you’re capable of so much more – to be more, do more, create more, hold more, have more

To tap into the potency and potential ALREADY FLOWING through your veins

To truly UNLEASH as the potent leader you are born to be

Using your magic to make the contribution you are born for

And feeling energised, excited, lit up and ON FIRE to do this work.

The question becomes – how do I break away from the conditioning where I choose belonging over authenticity?

How do I create a bigger ripple of influence without letting what other people may do or say or think shrink me and my vision?

The answer is to detangle –

Thoughts, beliefs, feelings, physiology – from the Good Girl / Good Christian Girl identity so that the REAL you can shine through!

The faux version of you is nice and smiles when she doesn’t want to and says things she doesn’t mean just to get someone on side

The real version of you is potent and powerful, and is focused on her purpose, not what others think of her

CLICK HERE TO BECOME HER – this game-changing, potent, authentic, high income and impact influential leader you were born to be. Explore working together to create your Success Blueprint and use your voice to change church, culture, humans and history.

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